Nordic Aerobatic Challenge

Nothing beats competitions for practicing competition flying. Excitement of the flight before judges, deciding how much training is needed (or possible), exercise for the unknowns, and the actual flight. Unfortunately, there are only one or two competitions in a season in Nordic countries.

Nordic Aerobatic Challenge is a new concept to give competition-like training possibilities, and lowers threshold for the first competition. It will also give judges more possibilities to train and learn judging.

Flying is done in everybody’s own home-field, or any other convenient location. One or more judges, depending on availability, will judge the flight. The flight will be just like in competition: A flight is declared as a competition flight beforehand, and it will be scored exactly as in competitions.

There will be several sequences during the season, and the results will be published in Nordic Aerobatics Facebook page. Since judges are not the same for everybody nor are flight conditions similar, the flights are not directly comparable. Still, each pilot is certainly able to get competition style scoring and feedback, and also some reference compared to others.


  • Nordic Aerobatic Challenge is open to all classes, power and glider
  • IAC rules apply from sportsman to intermediate classes, for power primary a Nordic Primary program is used
  • CIVA rules apply to advanced and unlimited class
  • Nordic exceptions and interpretations in the rules are applied the same way as in Nordic Aerobatic Championships
  • Each country will nominate their judges and inform the Challenge administrator
  • IAC known & free sequences are flown first, free known in advanced
  • Judge informs the Challenge administrator of the scores to be published in the FB page and site
  • Unknown programs:
    • There is a time window within an unknown must be flown (max 2 weeks)
    • Unknown program is given to judge(s) who will get it from the Challenge administrator
    • Judge gives the unknown program to pilot min 12h prior the flight
    • Normal rules apply to practicing i.e. no flying after the program is received and before the competition flight
    • Judge informs Challenge administrator of the flight and scores before the time window closes
    • After the time window is closed, sequence and all results will be published in the FB page and

Program 1

Program 1 is IAC Known for sportsman and intermediate classes, power and glider. Nordic Primary for primary class.
For advanced class, power and glider, the program 1 is Free Known.

IAC programs are available here

Program 2

Program 2 is IAC Known for sportsman (optionally Free), Free for intermediate classes, and Nordic Primary for primary class.
For advanced class, power and glider, the program 2 is the first Unknown. Contact Challenge administrator by email for unknown program, see rules above.

Programs 3+

More programs will be available when needed.


Results are available in Facebook and here